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Technical tours

Excursion information

Go to your login area and choose the excursions. Reservation ends by March 31, 2018. Registration will be confirmed only after payment (ends by April 15, 2018). Vacancies will be filled when registration is confirmed (by payment). Excursion will be confirmed by April 20, 2018 (confirmation depends on the minimal number of participants). The field trip participants are responsible for their travel to the meeting point and return. Any questions, please contact us by the email:

Excursions summary

Pre congress Participants * Cost (USD)
E1 - Western Amazon Region (8 days) 25-40 1700
E2 - Landscape and soil of Rio (1 day) - NO VACANCIES 35-40 100
E3 - Recovered landscape of Rio (1 day) - NO VACANCIES 24-30 150
Post congress    
E4 - Agroecological transition - Atlantic Forest (4 days) 15-20 500
E5 - Production systems and soil (5 days) - CANCELED 25-30 850
E6 - Paddy soils of Brazil (3 days) - CANCELED 20-25 550
E7 - Brazilian Cerrado (5 days) - CANCELED 35 1100
E8 - Mountain and coastal region – Rio (4 days) - CANCELED 30-35 550
E9 - Brazilian highlands soils (4 days) - NO VACANCIES 20-35 500
E10 - Cerrado transition (4 days) - CANCELED 30-40 600

* Minimum/Maximum  


Excursion details

Pre congress
E1 - Western Amazon Region - Indian Black Earth (August 1-8, 2018)

The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 2,500 km of the Western region of Amazon, in the state of Rondônia. The last day we will visit an Indian black earth, who is found in patches of soil throughout the Amazon basin, whose origin is related to the deposition of waste materials from pre-Columbian populations (detailed information here).

E2 - Landscape and soil in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro City (August 15, 2018)  - NO VACANCIES

The one-day field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 260 km of landscape and soil (geomorphology, vegetation and use) in metropolitan and mountain region of the Rio de Janeiro city (detailed information here).

E3 - Recovered landscape and fruit plantation in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro State (August 15, 2018) - NO VACANCIES
Recovery of degraded areas and management of the fruit plantation with conservation of soil and water in mountainous region Rio de Janeiro state. The excursion will take 282 km (round trip), observing landscapes in the mountainous relief with agricultural use and environmental preservation, municipality of Teresópolis (detailed information here).

Post congress
E4 - Agroecological transition within the Atlantic Forest Biome (August 18-21, 2018)

The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 950 km of soils, landscapes and agricultural production systems in agroecological transition within the Atlantic forest biome, in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais (detailed information here).

E5 - Production systems and interactions with soil (August 19-23, 2018) - CANCELED
The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 750 km, illustrating rural production systems (integration crop-livestock-forest, high technology agricultural systems, and family farming systems) and their interaction with soils, in the state of Paraná. A visit to the Vila Velha State Park, along the way, and at the end the Foz do Iguaçu Falls National Park will be the trip´s scenic highlights (detailed information here).

E6 - Paddy soils of the South of Brazil (August 19-21, 2018) - CANCELED
The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 1,100 km with stops at areas of paddy soils in the State of Rio Grande do Sul. The main institutions involved with research of rice farming under waterlogged conditions, their production systems and paddy soils will be visited (detailed information here).

E7 - Brazilian Cerrado (August 19-23, 2018) - CANCELED
The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 1,500 km of the states of Goiás, Tocantins and Bahia beginning and ending in Brasília-DF, focusing in rural production systems (integrated systems, areas of phosphate exploration, irrigated systems and high technology agricultural systems), all closely related to land use potential and their interaction with the soil component in the Brazilian Cerrado. The Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park and the Carstic region of Aurora (detailed information here).

E8- Mountain and coastal region of Rio de Janeiro (August 18-21, 2018) - CANCELED
The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 500 km, with landscapes and soils in the mountain and coastal regions of Rio de Janeiro State. An example of the human contribution to soil formation or modification will be observed in a Sambaqui (archaeological site, related to fishermen and gatherers of Tupinambá ceramic ancestral groups) (detailed information here).

E9 - Brazilian highlands soils and oxisols from deep-weathered saprolites (August 18-21, 2018) - NO VACANCIES
The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 1,250 km of soils and landscapes from the tectonic Depression of Rio de Janeiro to the Itatiaia mountainous massif (2700 meters), passing through the Latosols developed from saprolites of shales, gneisses, limestones and itabirite in the dissected highlands of the Brazilian Plateau, in Minas Gerais State (detailed information here).

E10 - Weathered soils of the rain forest – cerrado transition (August 18-21, 2018) - CANCELED
The field trip will cover an itinerary of approximately 500 km, in the center-southeastern region of Brazil, and it has a huge diversity of landscapes as well as three of the main Brazilian biomes, the Tropical Rain Forest, the “Cerrado” and the “Caatinga” (tropical and semiarid savannas). The field trip will provide an opportunity to see the results of the soil formation factors, especially time, under the Brazilian tropical climate (detailed information here).


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