Dear participants

During the 21st World Congress of Soil Science, eight (8) conferences from highly renowned scientists and authorities were held, with subjects related to the event theme - Soil Science: beyond food and fuel. There were also 73 conferences in 16 Interdivisional Symposia, and 5 Technical & Innovation Symposia. The themes of these lectures were defined over the last three years, with the participation of the scientific divisions of IUSS and SBCS, and were structured during InterCongress 2016 and in others meetings of the Organizing Committee and Scientific Committee.

The 21st WCSS also had oral presentations of 648 papers submitted in 75 divisional symposia and 15 IUSS working group symposia, plus 3 poster sessions with 1,608 submissions in total.

Soon, the Proceedings of the 21st WCSS with the abstracts of the 2,256 papers, presented orally or as poster will be available to download from the 21st WCSS homepage. The conference / lecture summaries that were provided by the speakers are included as well.

Again, thank you all for the participation and support.

Organizing Committee of the 21st WCSS


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